The Story Line

In 1995, Lakers Unlimited was started by a couple of guys that acquired a passion for Lake Athabasca by canoeing and adventuring all that it has to offer.  Jeff, Cordell, and Dave were the pioneers of Lakers Unlimited. During this time, the camp was just a couple of wall tents, one cabin, and all the cooking was done over an open fire.  As the years progressed, more buildings were erected, more boats were navigated up the rivers, and of course the word got out about this undiscovered, unexploited, amazing fishery.

Today, things have changed as we have all amenities that you could ask for in a remote setting in Canada's beautiful Canadian Shield.  There is one thing that hasn't changed, the fishing! For the people that visit this great lake every summer find themselves coming back year after year to catch that one that got away.

In 2004, Ryan Lowry aka Cap'n Bruce stepped foot on Lake Athabasca, instantly falling for the same passion that the pioneers did over a decade ago.  Cap'n Bruce guided for 8 years at Lakers.  He has a wide range of knowledge of the area, the history, and a nose for big fish.  With leadership roles throughout, a friendly and entertaining nature made him take up the opportunity to purchase the lodge in 2011.

Lakers Unlimited is dedicated to providing all the anglers that visit with the most friendly, helpful, and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by an unparalleled fresh water fishing experience. 

"I can remember when I first flew into this vast in-land sea.  I thought to myself, wow! that is the biggest puddle I have ever seen.  With the very first week of guiding ahead of me, my nerves were shaky, but my excitement was high.  My first guest said to me as we pulled away from the dock "how long have you been guiding Bruce?"
My answer was "about 5 minutes!" He asked "are you nervous?"
I said "a little". He said "well, we are just going fishing" 
I calmed down and pulled up to the fishing spot, dropped the lines and the first fish I officially ever guided was a 28lb laker!
From that day forward I knew I never wanted to be separated from Lake Athabasca.  I love to see the smiles on everyone's faces as they catch fish that are close to double my age.  With all the memories that I have had with fishermen and great days on the lake, I look forward to making many more"

Ryan "Cap'n Bruce" Lowry

Come visit us soon and experience your own trip of a lifetime!