Ryan "Cap'n Bruce" Lowry

The Cap'n has been on the Lake since 2004.  Starting as a guide, working his way to management and then to ownership.  The Cap'n makes it his responsibility to make sure that every guest has the best experience possible with Lakers Unlimited.  Aside from his busy life behind the scenes, he stills makes it out on the water on a weekly basis to fish with guests.
Bob "Nails" Cottrell

Bob has been on the lake the longest of us all.  Caught, released, and lost more fish than he dare speaks of or we've ever dreamt about.  Bob first came to Lakers Unlimited in 2001.  His history ranges from being in the military to operating a salmon fishing boat on the west coast of Canada.  Just make sure you are in the kitchen early every morning and you can ask Bob all about his past and memories.  
Nevin Checkley

Nevin and The Cap'n grew up in the same small town in Manitoba.  Nevin came to Lakers Unlimited in 2005.  His laid back nature and sense of humor makes him one of the most entertaining guides to be in the boat with.  Nevin has hiked the mountains in the Yukon to guide for big game and has turned wrenches in mechanic shops.  We are sure glad here at Lakers that he takes some time off from his other jobs to come and help us out every year.
Scott "Chubby Chaser" Andrews

  Scott joined the Lakers team in 2013.  Well, what to say about Scott... I think the picture says it all.  Scott originally comes from Manitoba.  A full-time professional hunting and fishing guide.  From Bears, to fishing, to waterfowl, to whitetail, Scott is a handyman in the bush with a beard you don't want to mess with.  With not a lot to say at times, when he does he will have you in tears.  
Dakota "Cherry" Palmer

In the Spring of 2014, a boy named Dakota came to Lakers Unlimited.  In the fall of 2014, a man named Cherry left.  After a long hard road of Cap'n Bruce's guide boot camp 101, Cherry returned to Port to be a great fishing guide.  A good sense of humour and an easy to pick on personality makes him a pleasure to be in the boat with.  
Originally from British Columbia, he has found a new home in Saskatchewan.  Eager to please and loves to catch fish.
He can also be found in the goose blind in the fall with Cap'n and Scott.  Watch out, he never misses!
Boyd King

Boyd owns and operates his own outfitting business specializing in waterfowl, bears, and deer called King West Outfitters.  Boyd has had experience guiding fishing all over Canada's North country.  He has been with Lakers Unlimited since 2009, knows his way around a boat, and has a story or two about his years experience in the industry.


Ryley "Romeo" Begg

Ryley comes from Ontario.  He is a very dedicated angler, who is no stranger to boats.  An accommodating personality to all guests and a helpful nature is a great fit to the guide roster of Lakers Unlimited.  Ryley has not only a past with the water and fish but grew up on a ranch where they raised race horses.  Ryley spent many years as a professional polo player all across Canada and the U.S.


Come visit us soon and experience your own trip of a lifetime!