Look no further for Canada's best fresh water fishing.  The largest Lake Trout ever recorded came out of Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan. For anyone wanting to fish Northern Canada for trophy Lake Trout and Northern Pike- there is no question that Lakers Unlimited on Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan is the number one destination.

Why is the fishing so good? There are several reasons. It's a long way off the beaten track: no roads lead here, and there are few other people fishing this vast, 230 mile-long lake - most days, the only boats you'll see are ours. Three huge rivers - the Fond Du Lac, the Peace and the Athabasca - all drain into the lake from both ends, in a confluence that creates one of the largest inland deltas on the planet. With their massive flow they bring tons of rich nutrients that support huge quantities of baitfish - enough to support incredible numbers of trophy lake trout and northern pike.

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Since 1995, Lakers Unlimited has been providing fishing trips that truly can be called "the trip of a lifetime", with comfortable accommodations in a beautiful northern setting, great food, and a roster of guides that is second to none. Most have been with us for many years, and their knowledge of the lake, as well as their passion for fishing and commitment to our guests, ensure an unparalleled fishing experience - Cap'n Bruce and the guys go to every extent possible to ensure that each guest gets the best service that can be provided and they have a great passion for Lake Athabasca.

Come visit us soon and experience your own trip of a lifetime!