July 20, 2016


Greetings From the Big Lake

The season has been racing by so fast for us up here.  Thank you to everyone that has joined us this season and for those paitiently awaiting their arrival, we look forward to greeting you.

I have to apologize for not getting this update done sooner.  But, lets just say that the wait was worth it.  There has been some HUGE fish caught so far this year.  

Upon our arrival in camp this June, we got to deal with the reminance of some of our furry friends that called the lodge home for the winter but all in all, camp was in good shape and after a couple weeks of repairs and elbow grease we were up in operation once again.  

Lets get on to the good stuff...

I am excited to let you all know of a couple things.  First off, Lakers Unlimited now has a full line of Kingfisher boats powered by Evinrude E-Tec 60hp engines.  These are one of the most fishable boats I have ever seen along with good looks and durability.  An extreme work horse that gets put to the test every day out here on the big waters of Lake Athabasca.




Are you ready for the good stuff? Hope you are in the seated position...





Pike fishing was hot when we arrived and it seemed to just get hotter.  For Joe Markham from Denver, CO, his trip would be one that he will remember all his life.  Joe caught this GIANT Pike when he was here measuring up a whopping 49 inches weighing in at 30lbs.  I asked Joe how his week went besides catching the biggest pike he ever has and this was his words "If I told you how many fish our group caught over 40 inches this week, you wouldn't believe me anyway".  Thats always the best thing that a Camp Owner could hear... But seriously Joe, if you're reading this, I really would like to know! I will believe you! haha.

Then after all that excitment of Pike fishing, Lets Move onto the Trout.  If you haven't fainted yet, this story might get you there...or make you want to pick up the phone..





On July 17th,  There was a fish caught that chalks up #9 in the history of this camp to break the special, very rare mark of 50lbs!!!

Stan Brue from Seattle, WA had no idea what was going to happen when he stepped onto Boyd king's Boat that day...and neither did Boyd.  Stan, being a very humble man, said, "well, it was a rather slow fishing day with not a lot of action, so I looked at my partner Elmer and Guide Boyd and said desperate times call for desperate measures.  Reached into my tackle box and pulled out a Matzuro Lure that I picked up in a bargain bin in Pier, SD.  After 15 minutes, I hooked into what felt like bottom.  Once we got the fish up, Elmer seen the size of the tail and whent scurrying for the camera.  The fish was so heavy that I would lift on the rod and drag would come off the reel.  All I remember hearing out of Boyd's mouth was, IT'S NOT HOOKED VERY WELL.  All of us had to calm down.  Then after the fight was subsiding, we got it in the net.  The first scale was a digital scale that went up to 50LBS...all it read when Boyd Picked it out of the water was ERROR! Thats when we knew we had a real Giant"

A truly amazing trophy for a deserving angler.  Stan has been all over northern Canada and has fished some very good Trout waters.  I am happy that he found his biggest fish here at Lakers Unlimited.  Good Job to all three of you, Stan, Elmer and Boyd.  Congradulations.

Come visit us soon and experience your own trip of a lifetime!